Welcome to the Astrological Prediction for the month of June 2016.

Welcome to the Astrological Prediction for the month of June 2016. 

The roman emperor, August said - 'Clap my friend, the comedy has finished.' This is what's going to happen in the coming months for Greece.
The Greek government has reached the end, along with the hope of the Greek people for their country and government.

A lot of politicians want to create and join together for an all-party government, only thinking about themselves and not caring about the Greek people and the situation the country is currently in.

The lenders want foreign funds and companies to takeoff the Greek 'Red Loans' (mortgages which can't be paid) - even though they have already been paid with the recapitalization.

Months ago, the Greek Government had promised that 'no homes would be confiscated by banks' and this is a lie…..

What the planets are showing for Greece in June 2016. 

 'Be ready for a big loss'

Hades will be meeting the Sun / Poseidon, Pluto / Apollon and Moon / Apollo which shows us that the situation is going to become worse than it already is.

We will face many problems ahead and see many problems to do with the benefits and pensions.

Saturn is showing us something which will be spoken about by everyone, it's very important and will have something to do with a tragedy or death.

The Europeans will be asking Greece for more austerity measures and will also start to give us penalties just as an 'example' to show other countries what can happen.

Northern link is showing us that in different places in Greece, there will be problems with food shortages and supplies which will in turn damage the takeover in places around Greece.

We will also have some important archaeological discoveries……...

Apollon is showing us that some important scientific achievements will be made and we will also hear about an unexpected success.

The Government will also do all is can to avoid facing the elections, they will try to change members or some of their staff within their Government.

Vulcanus is also showing us that there will be achievements within the entertainment and athletic/sport industry.

Greece will also be facing a BIG mental coercion from people who handle different situations…….

Mars will meet axis WI / ASC, Moon / Saturn and Saturn / Admettos - this is all showing us that we will have army training and be facing situations of violence.

The Greek people will start to show their feelings and disappointment towards the Greek Government. Saturn is showing us that there will be damage and destruction to a big / well-known building / attraction.

Zeus is also showing us that there will be a lot of difficulties with measures that will be put in place that won't be helping the situation in any way.

Pluto means that we will be seeing some messages however these 'messages' will have a threatening feel to them and we will also be facing more problems with supplies, essential supplies which we need for everyday.

Greece will suddenly become the centre of attention and be the talk of everyone.

From May 2016 until September 2016, someone will come to us, a new person which will turn everything upside down in the world of politics. A new politician?

It doesn't matter to us, the Greek people, who will govern Greece, what matters is how they will govern Greece and get us out of the situation which we are in.

Admettos is telling us that the left Government will become rather stubborn in getting their way however with this they will end up facing humiliation.

A coalition finishes…..

'The time has come for a new leader' - Karl Heinz Ottinger


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