Monthly predictions for Greece- 5th 2016

Steve Jobs - "You have trust in something, your destiny, your life, your karma, in anything. This thought has never let me down"

Here are the monthly predictions from Karl for Greece, the Government, what's going to happen in our 'neighbourhood' and also worldwide. 

This month, May - there will be a lot of political deadlocks. Uranus meets Zeus/Vulcanus and this shows us that we will have big problems with power stations and maybe nuclear stations too. 

In Greece, 9th May the Eurogroup will take place to see if there can be an arrangement for the extraordinary measures which reaches 3.6 billion euros but the Government knows that it doesn't have the authorisation from the people or the parliament. 

Greece is currently in the same situation as it was last summer and this can be seen through Uranian where Kronos and Hades are in the same place last year where Tsipras went for the Referendum. 

Especially the northern link which is showing us that the Europeans are playing a game which is full of lies, they are bending the truth to suit themselves and it's like a game of cat and mouse and they are continuing to support a situation with a big debt which they know will not be paid back. 

From the other side, Hades is showing us that 'they' - the Europeans are asking us to make changes however we will not be able to accept them. 

There may be an archaeological discovery which will be for one personality in the ancient times - an important personality. 

Kronos meets Hades / Vulcanus and also Zeus which shows us issues with spying. 

Admetos meets Uranus / Apollon and Uranus / Pluto which is showing us that there will be a very big change however this change will happen after a very large shock and then we will see an internal development and transformation.

This sudden shock will show us that we cannot go any lower - we are already at the lowest point as a country (Greece) . 

Apollon shows us fame and glory for Greece and this will start a small rise in general business such as retail, the  manufacturing industry and also tourism. 

Zeus is showing us that we need to be ready in the army but we might also need to use weapons to show that we are ready - as a warning. 

The problem that we are faced with is that after 07/05 things will become even more difficult after a sudden situation brings everything upside down on the negotiations but Kronos/Uranus shows us arguments, disagreements and a sudden end. Hades/Kronos shows us big crimes and blackmail but we can also see that something bad is going to happen and also a very large failure but we will also have a discovery in a court case. 

Zeus shows us the same thing - war, explosions, violence, fires and this we will keep seeing till 21/08 but we could also hear about news which could start a war (we won't be involved in this ) it's just something which we will hear about. 

The Sun meets Saturn and this shows that there's leaders in general who are going through a difficult time and it's not only because of the Sun and Saturn but also due to ASC/Admettos and MC/Hades. This could also mean that someone in a high position or even a leader to be called by the authorities. 

Cupido shows us partnerships and collaborations which will go to axis on northern link / hades meaning that there will be difficulty in handling money showing us that the Greece shouldn't trust the EU because it's clear that EE is friendly with Turkey and not Greece. Planet Uranus is showing a sudden "divorce" (resignation) and news which will be an electroshock. 

Saturn is showing that something is going to change or be delayed…. (maybe Eurogroup will be postponed or to not happen)

Jupiter shows us that there will be a good decision which we will gain from and also there could be a new political party….. 

Saturn shows more problems for pensions and benefits and Poseidon meets axis Mercury/ Uranus and Hades / Kronos telling us that there will be a fruitless request and a fraud which will be seen and heard by everyone. In that there will also be bribery. 

Let's see what is going happen to the rest of the world. 

If you can't handle the worst, you won't live to see the good 

From the 01/05 until 07/05 we will have good news from a discovery in the medical world. At the same time we will see problems with robberies and losses. 

It's a difficult time from 03/05 till the 04/05 which shows us depression and obstacles but we will see something even worse on the 05/05 where Mars is on the Axis of Saturn/Admettos and this will ask meet Uranus (Mars = Uranus which means sudden events, severe/serious wounding and bleeding) a sudden change in a situation. 

From 08/05 till 14/05 we will have economic losses as Mars meets Jupiter/Admettos. Because Mercury is on the axis Poseidon/Vulcanus this shows us that there will be a breakup in government / a resignation / inability. 

On 09/05 the sun is meeting Hades which is deformation and sun/mercury is about dirty deeds and  dishonesty. 

Pluto is on the axis of Hades / Apollon which is showing us secret research and the beginning of an emergency situation. We also have to mention Zeus who is on the axis of sun/Saturn which is showing loneliness. 

On 10th May, Poseidon is on the axis of Mercury/Hades which is the signal of bad news and will also bring us sly movements and moments until 22/05 where Saturn will meet axis WI/Admettos and this is showing idealogical resistance. 

22/05 until the end of May - Sun=Mars which means action and Jupiter is showing injuries caused by guns and big setbacks and acts of hate. The same time Uranus is on axis Zeus / Vulcanus which means explosions and extreme actions. 

Approx 25/05 Admettos is on the axis of WI/Vulcanus which means there will be unshakable beliefs. 

Warm Regards,

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