Astrological Prediction for April 2016 - For Greece

Hello and welcome to the Astrological Prediction for April 2016 

Astrological Prediction for Greece

This month (April) is going to be very difficult as we can see from the Planets that something big is going to happen.
At this moment, the Government is in a very bad situation due to the comments made from the ministers and MP's - named: Mouziala, Marda, Fili and Balaoura.
They are giving the impression that they will cause the Government to fail - is it better to change partners or to go to elections?

It's important to mention that I had predicted that the Government wouldn't last long and you can see this in previous posts but below I have a few paragraphs to show….

- We can see that there are problems in the Government coalition as Poseidon is located in the fourth house in the horoscope (when the Government was sworn in - Syriza / AN.EL ) opposite Jupiter. The laughter, the attention and the good words will be replaced by nagging which could cause some people in the Government to leave.

In regards to how long the Government will last, I wrote the following….

- The planet which marks the Government is Saturn with Uranian Astrology. It will go through the natal-axis of Greece/Sun/northern link and Horoscope/Vulcanus and all of this shows that Greece will not be able to relax. At the same time there will be changes in the public sector.
This still shows that there will be a Government coalition which will not last for long. More to the point, from the 1st May 2016 till the end of September 2016, the transiting Saturn/Admetos will be on the natal northern link of Greece and this grouping will give good and bad times, disputes in the Government, political deadlocks and in the end the Government will fail.

Everything written above I have shared with readers to remind them what I have said and what I have predicted to not have any mis-understandings.

Whatever has been 'planned' from the planets for the month of April 2016 based on Uranian Astrology from Karl Heinz-Ottinger for Greece…"Life is not fair, get used to it" B.Gates.

This phrase shows us what is going to happen in the month of April 2016, said by Bill Gates. The Government is going through a phase as I had previously written in March (our 'partners' will only show sympathy and respect for Greece but until there - something that our 'partners' will ask for might not be what Greece wanted)
We are already seeing from Berlin and other countries that they have said they will not reduce our debt……

Hades/Saturn, Mars/Poseidon and also Saturn/Uranus are showing revelations in a court case or legal documents which will shock but there will also be secret plans and problems in negotiations which will drive to failure. The fact that we will hear about this will give us goosebumps…..

Planet Zeus from Uranian Astrology shows us that we will have arson attacks and if that isn't enough, planet Uranus meets Moon/Admetos and Pluto/Admetos which shows riots, fights and uprising between people. There may even be some injuries caused to people who working in the army, police, hot-spots (security) in general. There could also be a chance of explosions made by people causing disruption.

The solar arrow (SARC) of Greece  natal Chart: "All the muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims" 

Hades = Apollon of Greece (secret investigations, ancient knowledge, big historic discoveries) and with this we can see that till the end of the year 2016 (September - what I personally think) we will have a big ancient discovery (or more than one) within Greece.
There has already been the discovery of the grave of the sister of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki which was found near the metro which is currently being developed and this shows a pre-message…….

Vulcanus is showing that there will be an attempt to control a situation which will cause a use of violence. Saturn = Poseidon and this causes an axis that shows us civilisation and big revelations. Orders will be given that will shock and also there could be problems with pensions and benefits. It's more than likely that things will be cut…..

There will be infectious diseases that will re-appear and also people will go against the law…..There will be many unpleasant occurrences that will bring a collective depression.

Worldwide Prediction for April 2016 

"For the economy to survive the country (any country) should have a worker to open a hole and another worker to shut a hole" J.M.Keynes

This month is very difficult and a lot of it depends on how ready/prepared people are to face things or situations we aren't used to seeing.

The 1st April 2016 - Uranus is in contact with Axis Uranus / Hades which creates diseases and an unusual death. At the same time Mars is in connection with Axis Saturn/Admetos and this marks a period of depression and death through a crash…..

In between 3-8 April 2016, it's very crucial as Mars is on top of the Axis Pluto/Vulcanus and Zeus/Vulcanus and this shows changes in people but also in the way that we will face things.

Saturn will be in connection with the very hard Axis Hades/Admetos which shows death and hostilities…….

From the 12-15th April, things will be rock as the sun meets axis Zeus/Vulcanus and Pluto/Vulcanus and also axis Hades/Poseidon which will show drastic measures and changes in the industrial production with a lot of people thinking about a better way of life, perhaps returning to old/traditional ways.

At the same time Saturn will meet the Axis WI/Pluto and WI/Zeus showing that in different arguments and warfare there will be an active role from a Government.

From 18th April, Saturn = Apollon will create problems for pupils and students, systems and the teaching conditions. 22nd April will begin a period for the next 15 days where there will be a big deception and agreements won't go through as they will drive towards dead-ends and arguments…….

This is how April will go and we are at least prepared for it….


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