Astrology Prediction for March 2016 - For Greece

" The country is not for sale, The Church & Religion never dies and History is never forgotten" 

Dear friends and readers of - welcome to the astrological prediction of March 2016. 

Like you may recall, I have repeatedly said in my radio broadcast for and like I had written about (in previous predictions) on, the biggest problem for Greece isn't the economic crisis, it's the immigration issue that's currently ongoing. 

The official documents from POLICE state that the nationalities and people that are "fleeing" their countries are NOT from the war in Syria. Why are the people not immigrating to other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Dubai) where there is high-standards of living? They won't have a problem with their culture or their language yet they are still choosing to "flee". 

The Greek Government reminds us of a married woman who has filmed a sex tape with her lover who is now blackmailing her to show her husband.
The Government loaded the Greek people with strict measures, looked after 1-2 million immigrants and this was all to abide by the European rules to "regulate" the debt which will never be paid off.

Transitting Jupiter is in contact with the Natal Axis WI/AD which means that we will be having a problem with fires. Our "guests" won't be happy with their living circumstances and will probably cause havoc, riots and this can include fires. 

Poseidon is meeting Natal Axis of the Sun/Hades and also Saturn/Zeus which is orchestrating an attempt at forcing to do something we don't want to.

Saturn is a rewarding planet (and especially karmic) showing us that our European "partners" are abandoning us due to the continuing issues and ongoing obstacles that are being placed by the Europeans.
Parallel to this there is a possibility that we might see and hear about a certain illness or illnesses reappearing in Greece which have disappeared for a very long time.. 

Transitting Hades shows us that there is secret researches taking place and will occur in historical sites. I hope that the Government is clever enough not to create hot-spots 'homes' near historic-places…..

There is a chance that we might see an aircraft come down whether it's Greek, Greek interest or happening within Greece. 

Transitting Vulcanos is linked to the Government public relations and through this the Government will try to stay in power for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the good person is called an idiot and this means that we are tolerating everything that is going on around us meaning that we are also 'responsible' as this is equal. 

Admetos is showing us that there will be more pressure from other people….. The Solar-Eclipse shows us that people or other countries will start to respect and feel-sorry for Greece however that's as far as things will go - they will only show us/provide their sympathy. 

In the end, out of all of the meetings and conferences which are taking place for the Greek Government, this will simply lead to a big deception as the 'other-side' will try to blackmail us in ways.  

There will come a time when a threat which has been made will drive to someone being arrested causing disruption and for people to discuss…….

The solar-arc shows us and warns us: "As much as they want to destroy us like a country, the Greeks will always have something from our 'cunning' from Alexander the Great, the ego from Achilleas and the intelligence from resourceful Odysseus" Karl Heinz Ottinger 

The country (Greece) between 12-23 March 2016 will receive a shock which will help to 'wake-up' people from a slumber sleep. Uranus meets the Natal Axis of Greece - Sun/Vulcanos & Hades/Zeus and this in turn will bring Greece the shock mentioned earlier. 

The thing which shall shock the most is the progressive horoscope which will meet Mars/Hades and this is showing obscene acts and a potential murder or serious injury which will cause big reactions amongst people. 
Even Admetos shows us extremely difficult situations at the beginning of a venture and guarantee…. 

Lunar-eclipse shows us that the time has come for a senior-millitary member(s) to take-over………Banking issues will also occupy the people...

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