The Astrological Estimation for the month of February 2016.



“Long prepare the courageous farewell of Alexandria who is leaving” Konstantinos Kavafis.


Dear friends and readers welcome to the astrological estimation for the month of February 2016.

With the news succeeding one another daily, people are listening cautiously to hear about more salary reductions, pension reviews, the national insurance system all of which is causing insecurity and worries. On the other side, you have the Government who is “celebrating” the fact that the national pension is now at 386 euro a month.

Looking over the Greek Astrological Map (political changeover) the progressed point in Uranian Astrology Aries Point, is showing that some third parties will push circumstances to their extremes in order to achieve their purpose.
Parallel to this, we have the involvement from the natal axis – Mars / Neptune which is foreshowing the danger and/or a disease which will challenge the mass.

The progress of culmination in the Greek horoscope marks developments which are due only because of the axis – Neptune / Hades which is showing big deception that has been routed.

It’s also highly likely that our “partners” will still not recognize their obligations, asking our Government to meet the agreed ‘rules’…unswervingly.

Alongside the progressed Saturn showing us a “warning” which can be translated to executives in the armed forces / security sector facing a hasty demobilization and ‘clear-out’, making way for new things to come.

In addition to the “participation” the axis – Hades / Apollon is signaling to aggressive situations on an economical level, for example – bankruptcies.

On it’s journey, Mars will meet the natal axis – Hades / Vulcanus and Saturn / Apollon of Greece which shows us that there will be big problem ahead and a very big uprising from the Greek people at anything which goes against them and their beliefs for moving forward.

Everyone should understand that the people of Greece will NOT accept another retreat and this is due to the involvement of the axis – Jupiter / Zeus which is pushing and marking the necessary activity.

It won’t be a surprise when we see that people will start to come together in big teams and groups in order to start taking control over the situations and placing some ground rules especially when it comes to defending the borders.

We also have Saturn (by progress) which will meet axis – Jupiter / Hades again signaling and showing us that politicians and ministers who have been signing all the “agreements” from our “partners” will start to listen to their consciousness and know that this wasn’t the right path to follow.

The location of the axis – Mars / Zeus shows us that there will likely be new and upcoming projects in the engineering body however the security forces such as the police and army need to be on full alert against any threats.

Sudden changes from the Greek Government will highly anger our “partners” and this will provoke Greece in the stock flurries.

The planet Zeus is known in astrology as the ‘creator’ however in it’s progress it will meet the first natal axis – Mars / Admetos which is showing us that the Government is “scared of something” and will focus all it’s energy to succeed in what has to be done.

The added participation from the axis Saturn / Neptune provides our country with a moral advantage which can be turned into a Greek success.

The progressed Sun meets the natal Saturn and also Adetos and Aries Point / Vulcanus which is showing us that the country will begin to attempt to refuse meaning that this is the “beginning of the end”

Hades will meet natal Apollo and also the axis of Uranus / Zeus and Sun / Neptune which is foreshowing a natural disaster or a fall of an aircraft or helicopter.

The crossings of planets trigger and "warn" us - " I have myself all sorts of repressed sky's but I don't kill the stars "" Kiki Dimoula.

From the beginning of the month until 11/02 – the transitting Uranus will meet the progressed axis of Hades / Admetos of Greece which means that we have to be vigilant since all the state mechanisms and portable technical tools in the country will be ‘spied’ on.

At the same time we also have the transmitting axis of Saturn which will meet Uranus / Apollo of Greece and shows us that the measure that Greek Government will take will cause a big reaction and highlight likely that this will translate into a probable establishment of a new audit office.

The passing of Apollo will meet the progressed axis of – Uranus / Pluto and this signals a big change that is going to help Greece become a big and free will country.

We will also see a ‘dangerous’ period in the first five days of the month due to the passing of Mars along a dangerous line of intervals but we also have Vulcanus passing another dangerous line which will cause big arguments and fights amongst high-ranking people, explosions etc.

So this month – February is going to be a difficult one for Greece as the Government will have to save something from it’s prestige and viability from what it seems the (political) God Forsakes....... Alexis paraphrasing - K.Kavafis.

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