Karl Heinz Ottinger: The oracles of April 2015 for Greece

The oracles of April 2015 for Greece

"Buy when you hear the cannons. Sell when you hear the trumpets. "

Baron Rothschild

Friends and readers of astrology.gr welcome to the "oracle of April 2015 for Greece." We

have come across the one third of the year, a challenging year to be "played" a lot about the

future of this country. The Europe region looks like, or rather is, particularly "flammable"

and sooner or later will become the place were quite events will happen. Europe

unfortunately behaves insanely following the separation policy into two parts, namely the

devotees German axis and the other "poor" relatives.

The Greek government is trying to lead the country's ship but finds everyone towards it and

as indicated progressed planet of Uranian Astrology, the Mortgage KRONOS

symbolizing the way of government, things are extremely ominous after encounters adverse

midpoints of Moon /Admetos and Pluto / Admetos respectively. Astrological "meetings"

which prefigure a period of enormous difficulties the State is terribly oppressed and stressed

even more to change so far attitude and behavior. The month of April is for our country a

prolonged "Holy Week" and progressed Uranus in the midpoint Mercury / Poseidon might

try to make a "revolution" with unpredictable consequences if it is something like "release"

offensive grenade in the EU From April 2015 until mid-December 2016, the Greece future to

play a more catalytic role in the history of the end of WWII. The question that arises at this

point is what will the present government do. And if this government doesn’t pull on the

leash then will definitely do another. Moreover, the progressed Sun talks about one month

which will take a lot of tension and unexpected events that occur within Greece and make

the country headlines to all news agencies. Also, progressed Mercury "speaks" for

consecutive statements in newspapers and websites which reinforces the trend that Greece

becomes again first issue in international news. At the same time, the progressed Wi (Point

of Zero Aries or otherwise axis of the Earth) is involved in equations prefigure adverse events

and arson in vehicles ( terrestrial, fixed rail, and air but also water) but prefigures and

problems in the "fund" of the State or the banks.

Which concerns is progressed Saturn as heralds "the beginning of a lonely journey," the

probability of liquidity problems in the state coffers and sudden "loss" that will be is

leverage for the government. The progressed Vulcanus shows extensive contacts of the

country with people and institutions that control people and situations while not excluding

relative movements be taken or considered changing geostrategic balances. It also shows

that it is likely to come to the surface a great historical discovery. The planet of action, Mars,

of progress meets natal Vulcanus and the midpoint Sun / Zeus showing that the country’s

acts and actions in straight towards others will set fire. Also, indicates a sudden successfully

through an unexpected support. Within all this progressed Uranus meets midpoints showing

that some have decided to “Sacrifice” Greece.

Transits ... horror and Eclipse

"Beyond this place, where only illuminates the Terror and shadow, the Fear found me

steadfast and fearless will continue to meet. A little care if doors close though amid

punishing live. I of my fate and the master of my soul I am the captain. " Excerpt from the

poem Invictus

The April is marked by a "bloody" Lunar Eclipse on the 14th 27' of the axis Aries - Libra at the

4th of the month with participation of transiting Pluto, which shows a complete change of a

situation. Combined with the fact that the astrological map of Greece "hits" the progressed

axes of Moon / Admetos and Pluto / Admetos showing painful conditions prefigured an end

... and a profound transformation - Reformation. Meanwhile, the transiting Sun meets

Admetos in cosmic level which means that approximately between 4 and April 6 may have

painful conditions and adverse events worldwide.

Nightmare is space around the weekend 7-10 April in Greece, after transiting Mars, as

initiator of events and developments, meets natal Admetos prejudice terror and pressure

and shows that financial panic might occur. So some "persecutors" of the country will want

to present themselves as "saviors" but our alleged salvation will still be a trap. Finally, a

critical and war period is the period around 15 and April 22 after transiting Zeus (Zeus) will

force the country to get into a state of alert for a possible terrorist or some other form of


These were the astrological considerations based on the Uranian Astrology for what will

happen during April 2015. Remember that the betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane to the

Resurrection, the Crucifixion lag but space is small ...

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