Astrological assessment for New Moon and the Full Moon for Greece and around the world

"I forbid the Press to underestimate the Greeks, to defame them ... The Fuhrer admires the bravery of Greeks." Paul-Joseph Goebbels

Dear friends and readers of welcome to the lunar events May 2015. The above phrase belongs to a directive - Manifesto of the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich Paul-Joseph Goebbels and indicates with the most indisputable way the respect and acceptance that we enjoy as a nation, of a conqueror, an opponent and enemy during the Second World War. When you elevate the above words – guidelines nowadays that the descendants of the Third Reich trying to humiliate and trample the Greece - supposed "ally" and member of the "European family", may easily perceive that show a worse picture even from hard conquerors of our country and its predecessors. The Greek has now understood "games" against him and in May, one month of important events that enemies will show their bad intentions will have faith in the forces and value of the nation and its potential, despite continuous efforts of some to convince everyone otherwise.

Lunar events of May have to give many facts rather sharply. The New Moon will be held on 18.04.2015 at the 28th degree of Aries and the Full Moon will be held on 04.05.2015 at the 13th degree of Scorpio with Jupiter participate a T-Square able "output" which means that many events will not look at "real" dimensions , but quite enlarged.
A first assessment - Events worldwide:  The New Moon will be in Aries in the 28th degree which has cancer properties shows events related to new beginnings, openings, initiatives, particularly in relation to primary production, properties, history and ancestors, creating new spaces, "roof "and" families "or new entries to them. It also indicates situations that require alertness and quick reflexes, riots, fires, terrorist attacks, violent events in both terrestrial and marine environment and new erotic romances in the field of showbiz. Still, it shows problems with martial moods and turmoil while not impossible an attemption to check the war readiness of a people or a nation. Problems emerge with aircraft, warships while not precluded we troop movements. The "patriotic" voices around the world will begin to cry while not precluded have extensive display of power. Perhaps, there are tragedies with children, particularly within house premises or storage. An issue with disputed territories is likely to rake up while man-idol from the fields of acting whose name is synonymous with movie scenes and violence might "leave" the hopeless this world. The Full Moon will be in Taurus-Scorpio axis 13th degree has properties Aries and Mars in 24 degree conjunct the fixed star Capulus (scandals, sex, aggression), indicating a period events around the influence of the full moon will be shocked . At the same time, economic issues will come up while not impossible to loosen global monetary balances. Alongside discussions on discussions on banking transactions, balances will be discussed, while not impossible to "pop" financial scandal megaton sprinkled with plenty essence of sex ... Still, issues with diseases and treatments related to transmitted or autoimmune diseases are likely to see the light of day. Let's see what will happen in Greece...

The New Moon and its influence in Greece: "If you decompose Greece an olive tree, a vine and a boat will remain. Which means: That’s all you need to remake Greece. "Odysseas Elytis

Looking at the separate map of New Moon discern that Greece will become the ultimate subject of discussion internationally since astrological equations accept the point of Zero Aries (used in Uranian Astrology), speaks of "headlines" in internet discussions and general references to Media The midpoint Sun / Moon foreshadows intense mental activity while the Ascendant shows some attempt to adopt some "alien" ideas. Meanwhile, the Ascendant of Athens (point used in Uranian Astrology) shows effort to stimulate trade. And while the independent map of New Moon does not give us any specific information, to compare it with the birth chart of Greece (1974) fully reflects the already critical situation and indicates what will happen. The midpoint Sun / Moon of the New Moon prefigures a "big change" but also the possibility "others" to behave us very cruelly. Furthermore, the midpoint Sun / Moon New Moon contacts the natal sensitive point of Uranian Astrology formed from Zero Aries, Hades and Saturn (with equation A + B - C) showing that Armed Forces and Security Forces must be in alert cause problems might come up created by foreigners, who methodically aimed at creating problems in government. New Moons midheaven is involved in the birth midpoint of Greece Saturn / Uranus indicating a sudden rupture, a "divorce" no longer a surprise to anyone, since it is the fact of a death foretold. The comparison of the horoscope of New Moon with progressed map of Greece (new regime) would say that is particular interest. The ascendant of New Moon at midpoints encountered by progress in the horoscope of Greece predicts anger but the road to success through violent events but despite their fears, there will be excitement. Moreover, the midpoint Sun / Moon heralds 'fiery' statements while the Midheaven shows a coercive effort unprecedented. Frankly, Greek officials will face difficult times. But these are the "appetizer" for the main course called Full Moon.

The Full Moon and its influence in Greece: "Know that is eventually won whoever smiles in front of the guillotine. Never mind that you did not won the dice, you bet on the dream and you're ready for anything. The words of a song we learned old ... The Loser Takes it All. "

 This Full Moon due to axis Taurus-Scorpio which takes place , shows financial negotiations, cash reserves, financial agreements and beyond. Furthermore, by interpreting the separate map of Full Moon with Athens coordinates, the Ascendant indicates marathon consultations and a tendency to require an additional "second" opinion from a qualified counselor. MC falls onto the axes Mars / Hades showing bad actions and actions of revenge and in the midpoint Zeus / Posainton were indicates that’s because the government defends its beliefs strongly. Also, the government will be located throughout the month under an intellectual, ideological, political coercion and "help" will come from a source with great power. The midpoint Sun / Moon Full Moon meets midpoints Sun / Jupiter and Admetus / Vulcan showing how unwavering insistence on government positions is the road to success, although it will be hit by fate. Comparing the astrological chart of the full moon as to the natal chart of Greece midpoint Sun / Moon inclines towards questions related to railways and general sales, extensions, rail and network improvements. It also indicates the need for some to become independent or to resign. Of particular interest is the MC of the Full Moon and the effects up to natal astrological map of Greece indicates about the knowledge and use of a "secret cult" as for processes and negotiations for membership in an organization, association, group or club. The Ascendant shows that the government will maintain if not increase rates popularity since despite coercion will receive will do many things at once and give solutions to the issues of civil and there will be slight changes in posts in the composition of the government. The presence of the Ascendant of the Full Moon in the natal axis of Greece Uranus / kronos (planet of Uranian Astrology) shows the start of investigation that can bring even the prosecution or "arrest" person with "power". The Full Moon in terms progressed natal astrological chart of Greece has to give many facts. The midpoint Sun / Moon shows that the country and thus people will follow their consciences while talking about a period of great change. The Midheaven prejudge an "accident", for an end while the Ascendant talks about problems with hospitals and generally places where there is pain and suffering (hospitals, asylums, prisons, camps) and created some issues with education issues and arrangements for some special cases disadvantaged fellow citizens. The Lunar Events in May have several specific points that one needs to focus. What we need above all to do as a nation to take steps, even with difficulty, for the better ... while remaining united.

 * The astrological map of Greece is calculated for 24 July 1974 04:00am

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